Who would have ever thought, that Lighthouse’s would be such a beloved topic. Somewhere down the old road, I found this love for them. Everybody has their niche and mine is reproducing these icons into a replica, miniature models of them.  I have grown from a home workshop to a custom shop/studio and opening my business in the U.P. of  Michigan in the Spring of 2019. Ideas and products have come a long way since my early hobby days, as a wood artisan 24 years ago.
Now, I’m retired and I will continue my love of being a wood artisan. I have been crafting replica, too scale, miniature lighthouse’s since 1994. I have added a twist to my business with a line of authentic barbershop pole’s, whimsy and unusual mailbox’s and a lot of crazy birdhouse’s. I will soon be doing custom saw-milling and mill-work. I hope you enjoy your visit to this website.
I will also incorporate a small Art Gallery, as I have friends that do water colors and photographs of lighthouses. I would also be open to lighthouse artists/artisans, that sell their art on consignment.
Doug Taylor, The Lighthouse Guy


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  1. John says:

    I would like a duplicate of the lighthouse used in Pete’s Dragon for my backyard. I would like it to be 3-4 feet tall. Is this something you could do in pretty exact detail? I have plenty of pics to show what it looks like. Thank you.

  2. Douglas Reading says:

    Dear Sir,
    I need an ho scale model of the lighthouse in Racine, Wisconsin. Can you do this, and what do you ask for doing this task ?

  3. Desiree Pettiford says:

    My grandmother loves lighthouses! She has small ones all over her house that she’s collected along the years. Do you sell your models? I’ve been trying to find a bigger one for her birthday.

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